Testing with Keto Mojo has bummed me out!

Since I changed to the Keto Mojo meter my glucose has been near 100 daily.  Fifteen points or so higher than my Foracare was. So, I decided to test both my Keto Mojo meter and my Foracare meter first thing in am and then right before I break my fast for the day.  Interestingly, I have found that the better my ketone numbers (less glucose in the blood), the closer the two meters are.  I guess this makes sense. 

Keto Mojo has eight points of criteria when testing glucose, and Foracare has many fewer.  But if I am doing well with my eating and keeping my glucose low and my ketones high, there are fewer sugars to test, so both meters read the same glucose numbers or very close. (Nothing much there to test whether with eight points or fewer!)

Hmmmm…..  I bet there is a more scientific reason for this, but I am just thankful because, of course, I bought a bunch of Foracare strips right before I switched, per Dr. Boz’s new meter recommendation.

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