New Year’s Resolution

Instead of a New Year’s Resolution, I am thinking of revisiting my why.  In my opinion, whys change over time based on improvements in our health or our coming to realize that life is more than fitting into our 20-year-old jeans.  (I believe my past obesity was just an outward sign of my poor health).  It’s like the Dr. Boz Ratio, just another way of monitoring our progress to optimal health.  And so, staying at a normal BMI is important to me.

Some things that could figure in my updated why:

  • The older I stay healthy, the better my role model status becomes!  My family has gotten over the “Nana always gains the weight back” after 3 years.  But there are still kids who are gaining inches on their waist, breaking out with acne, and having severe digestion issues.  All are explainable based on their diets.  I cannot go backward.

  • I need to develop my advice for teens.  I need to figure out a way to move my carb-crazy grandkids away from their 300-plus grams of carbs a day when they actually just do not like meat.  This will take all the brain power I can muster to research moving someone from extreme carb addiction to the calm of Keto.  I have thought of bribery.

But more personally…

  • Maximize Autophagy to guard against old age stuff
    • Dementia
    • Cancer
    • Mobility Issues
    • Bone loss

It’s hard to get inspired when you are not currently afflicted except for a slight case of arthritis and some bone loss. It is easier to want to help others.

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