My Thoughts on Genes

Have you ever said: “I put on weight in the exact same way as my mother when she got older.  It is just in my genes.  Can’t change that.”  

Do you know that you can turn certain genes on or off with signals that you provide based on the food you eat, the types of exercise you do (or don’t do), the amount of sleep you get, your sun and fresh air exposure, and many other practices?  

Did my mother take long walks (never), did she strength train (no), and did she embrace frozen TV dinners and package convenience foods (yes big time)?  She did work harder based on the appliances she had back then: hanging out clothes, beating rugs on a clothesline, scrubbing floors on her hands and knees.  I am sure she thought she worked very hard.

But I can heal can heal my past bad choices that made me look exactly like my mother who died of a stroke at age 62.  Beyond looks, I was headed for a stroke or heart attack by allowing my waistline to expand to 42 inches. (I remember people asked me when my mother was going to have her baby, years after my youngest brother was born.)

We can reverse the expression of our genes by living in ketosis and igniting autophagy. Autophagy is the self-eating mechanism that selects our damaged cells and recycles them into useful parts. It is is a miracle! Our bodies are truly capable of self-healing.

Dr. Boz shows us just how little our genes need to influence our outcomes.

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