Grocery Store Temptations

Here’s an experiment I found revealing.  Right before you go to the grocery store, eat fat until you cannot eat another bite, then pay attention at the grocery to how it feels not to be tempted by the pastries in the bakery, the ice cream in the freezer, or the candy and chips at the end of the isles. I had to shop for a few things today, so I ate my sardines before I left.  I picked up a cheesecake slice for my hubby (it is his birthday, and he only gets the one skinny slice), so I was wandering amongst the donuts, pies, and bread, and I felt NOTHING! NADA! ZILCH!  What a relaxing relief not to feel the urge to grab some treat, just to run to the car and stuff it down before I even left the parking lot.  They say, don’t go to the grocery store hungry.  I say don’t go to the grocery store unstuffed!

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