Can You Eat Too Much Fat on a Ketogenic or Carnivorous Diet?

In my Inbox this morning from Dr Nally (DocMuscles)

The short answer is “yes.”

However, there are a few things you need to know.

First, when a person initially starts following a ketogenic or carnivorous diet, it takes about three months to fully keto-adapt. The process of keto-adaptation means that the human gut up-regulates fat absorption receptors at the colon.

This keto-adaptation process takes about 2 to 3 months to fully occur.

During this transition, large amounts of fat are seen as very satiating and people will see weight loss because this fat intake decreases hunger, but is often not fully absorbed.

People get the impression that they can eat all the fat they want and still lose weight.

People will see weight loss, around 5-15 lbs per month for the first 2-3 months, with the ingestion of large amounts of fat in the first 3-month timeframe.

This is also what causes failure of the ketogenic diet after three months.

People will see dramatic weight loss initially for the first 3 months but then start to plateau or even see weight regain.

The challenge is that once your keto-adapted body begins absorbing fat very effectively, if your insulin levels are still elevated, the signal to store fat in the fat cells will cause weight loss to halt and in many cases cause you to gain or regain weight that was lost in the first 3-months.

Monitoring your fat intake then becomes important after the three month mark.

For those with fasting insulin levels over 5 ng/dL increasing protein and decreasing fat by 10-20% is the game changer.

This is why many people shifting to carnivore begin seeing further success. They stop eating all the fat bombs and the higher fat containing “keto snacks” and this stops the weight regain.

I always suspected this for me, but not everyone…  Even though I got down to my goal weight, I didn’t get down to my goal fat%. (I still can live off my thighs for years!!)!  So I will stop feeling like I am not getting enough fat (averaging 68%) and start ratcheting down my fat% and see if I can stay in a good ketosis and DBR in Autophagy with a lower fat number.  Now, I know folks who continue to eat 80% fat and are at their ideal weight and health.  I can only deduce that my Insulin level is still a problem.  I have had it tested in the past, and it was below 5, but it is very volatile, and one needs the hours-long testing regimen done by a lab to really know.

A new N=1 Experiment (DO NOT DO THIS AT HOME) for me!

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