Autophagy on exogenous ketones or homegrown

Does it make a difference? My understanding, is if you can get under 40 DBR (and I think closer to 20 for me), first thing in am and do whatever it takes to get there day in and day out, you will have autophagy. Do not wake up and drink ketones and then test. (Don’t think anyone is doing this.) If you can achieve DBR of 40 or less without exogenous ketones, that is Best, with exogenous ketones Better in the Boz Good, Better, Best scenario. What ever you find it takes for you. Exogenous ketones do not stay in your system long so the first in the morning reading is the proper gauge. Not eating until you reach liver dump of glucose below 65 is perfection for me but not necessary. My Keto Mojo is running about 10 points higher so those days of dumping my liver daily are a fond memory. I thought I was, but I was not. Another milestone to reach for. Thoughts?

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