A Thanksgiving Thought

Ketosis is a delicate metabolic state. The ingestion of a single high-carbohydrate snack or meal will abruptly shut down ketone production, and the body will burn the ingested carbohydrates as glucose. It can take anywhere from 24 to 72 hours of low-carbohydrate eating or fasting to return to a state of ketosis. Generally speaking, carbohydrate intake must be capped at 20 grams per day in order to facilitate ketosis.  For individuals who are insulin resistant or sedentary, even that may be too high.”

Primal Health Coach Institute

What to do? Now is the time to check out some keto versions of favorite Thanksgiving comfort foods.  I normally do not bother with elaborate recipes anymore relying on whole foods.  But a keto dessert featuring pumpkin (there are dozens on the internet) might not be a bad idea.  You might even open some relatives’ eyes.  If you do mess up, get back on your plan as quickly as possible to minimize the damage. I plan to prep with a three-day sardine fast Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday this week. Will that give me the ok to plunge head-first into the mashed potatoes? No, but my appetite will be almost non-existent.  And that helps.

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