A Fidgety Person

I recently read:

“People who spend most of the day sitting experience chemical changes in their brains that promote inactivity, while people in the habit of moving have brain wiring that encourages regular movement”. 

Primal Health Institute.

In other words, a body at rest, stays at rest; a body in motion, stays in motion.

In the 17th century, Sir Isaac Newton defined his universal laws of motion. His laws used the term object and not body, but I think the laws still apply for me.  I have noticed that once I returned to my admin duties for our business from the rigors of the 21 Day Metabolic Kick course, my legs started to swell with inflammation from long hours of sitting.  I thought I was past this phenomenon.  So, I decided that I would become a fidgety person again.  Every 15 minutes or so I get up and do something.  This morning, it was up and down stairs with laundry. Later it will be pre-cooking meat for the next week’s keto meals.  I could rake some leaves and clean the bathroom as well. As long as I stay in motion several times throughout the day.  My 2.5 mile walk and later 40 minutes rowing at the gym should fidget me up pretty good. We shall see if that makes a difference or if there is more going on. 

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