Stepping Stones
How do I coach?

I use Annette Bosworth MD’s courses, forms, and methodology for conducting our classes.  I do not talk about other protocols from other Keto experts in class. You are welcome to do research on your own.

I use Zoom to conduct our weekly meetings. I expect all students to participate, be on-time and be willing to share their numbers in the Dr .Boz My Mojo Health clinic portal.

As a Dr Boz coach, I am delighted to pass on her best keto practices for maximum health outcomes as I believe that is the surest and fastest way to long-lasting results.

Who hires a Coach?

Health coaches don’t replace the need for medical professionals. They should not diagnose or treat medical conditions. And, if they come across a concern that is outside of their scope of practice, they will refer to the appropriate professional.

A health coach’s skillset fills in the gap with their wellness knowledge, behavior change strategies, and accountability to support long-lasting positive impact on overall health. Most people could benefit from some accountability, extra motivation, and support.

A health coach’s ability to help clients lay out a plan of action and hold them accountable to their commitments are two of the strongest components of the coaching process.

What are the supplies needed?

Consistently Keto Course purchase required.

  • The Keto Mojo or Foracare Bluetooth meter
  • Tests strips for twice a day testing of glucose and ketones
  • Downloadable forms supplied when you purchase the course
  • A free Zoom Account
  • Cronometer Gold
  • A free Zoom account
What to expect?

During our zoom meetings, I require that cameras and videos are on. I have each student check in while we review their numbers in the portal together. The Keto Mojo meter and the Foracare meter will connect to the portal as long as they are the newer models with Bluetooth. I also have a private Facebook group that students can participate if they desire as well as a Band app chat account for each class.

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